Friday, 9 January 2009

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Swan Theatre, High Wycombe
18 December 2008

Hi-ho, hi-go to another Snow White we go!

Another day, another Snow White, and while Snow White at the Grove was excellent, this week just got better and better because Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Wycombe Swan has everything that a panto could ask for – except a dame! But as someone who always needs a dame, I was surprised to discover that this didn’t matter a bit – praise indeed eh?!

Glitz, glamour, comedy, song and dance with a charming Snow White with a pure voice (Lucy Sinclair), a handsome Prince, in the form of Sam Kane who also directs and an evil villain played by Sam’s elegant wife Linda Lusardi.

It’s slick, fun and unusually for a panto, at times highly original. Mostly these days, you just enjoy the execution of the familiar panto conventions like the ghost scene. And while these were very well done too, there were also scenes that I hadn’t seen in panto before, such as Muddles aping the Queen behind her full length mirror and the part where he is turned into a frog and involves a rock, a large mat and his green tights falling down!

Muddles (Kev Orkian) was genuinely funny and a huge hit with the audience, especially the kids. Sam Kane is a fitting Prince and this character was in the story far more than usual in order to show his great talents as an actor, dancer and of course singer. What a voice he has!

Linda Lusardi is excellent as the Wicked Queen and there was a delicious sense of irony as the rest of the characters continuously called her things like ugly old hag when she is clearly absolutely gorgeous, and looked simply fabulous in her elegant costumes.

Lucy Sinclair did all that is asked of the title role, she was sweet and innocent and sang beautifully and meanwhile, the seven dwarfs provided a good deal of the comedy, gently mocking themselves.

It’s all a lot of fun with a feel good factor that you only get from a close company who are clearly enjoying themselves – the only thing missing was Sooty and Sweep (see Grove Theatre below!)

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